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The Architectural Annual
Source type: book
Document type: editorial
Document title: “McKinley Memorials”
Author(s): anonymous
Editor(s): Kelsey, Albert
Second edition
Architectural Annual
Place of publication: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Year of publication:
Pagination: 30-31

“McKinley Memorials.” The Architectural Annual. Ed. Albert Kelsey. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Architectural Annual, 1901: pp. 30-31.
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McKinley memorialization.
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William McKinley.
From title page: Edited by Albert Kelsey, Late Holder of the Traveling Scholarship in Architecture of the University of Pennsylvania; Late President of the Architectural League of America; Chairman of the Committee of Experts of the Art Federation of Philadelphia, etc.

McKinley Memorials

AS we go to press, the country is just recovering from the shock of the cowardly assassination of President McKinley.
     Throughout the country, cities and organizations are preparing to raise funds for a suitable memorial, and a national movement is on foot to erect at Canton a monument suitable to the occasion, both in scale and magnificence.
     The memorial bridge, which is to be part of a well-considered plan for the improvement of the city of Washington, furnishes a valuable suggestion in this connection. The time has gone by for a massive pile, isolated from vital interests, like the Garfield monument in Cleveland.
     The purpose of a memorial is to bind the remembrance of the great man to the thoughts and interests of those who follow him, and the means to this end is to give it such form, that, as a bridge, a hospital, a park, or a swimming-pool [30][31] building, as is suggested in Chicago, it will have place as a pleasure or benefit in the daily lives of the people.
     That kind of monument will do its work.