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Source: Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900
Source type: book
Document type: article
Document title: “[Gerin, John]”
Author(s): anonymous [article]; anonymous [book]
Publisher: Biographical Directory Company
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1900
Pagination: 156

“[Gerin, John].” Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900. New York: Biographical Directory, 1900: p. 156.
full text of article; excerpt of book
John Gerin; Czolgosz physicians.
Named persons
John Gerin.
This book is copyrighted for 1899; however, 1900 is given on the title page as the year of publication.


[Gerin, John]

     GERIN, JOHN—Physician and Surgeon, 68 North street [sic], Auburn. Born in Cobourg, Canada, Dec. 10, 1849. Educated at Victoria, Queens and Regiopolis Universities in Cobourg and Kingston, Canada. (Married.) Physician, Auburn State Prison; assistant superintendent New York State Asylum for Insane Criminals; health officer and health commissioner city of Auburn; assistant surgeon N. G. N. Y. Member Army and Navy, Auburn City and Republican Clubs, State Medical and Central New York Medical Societies and others.



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