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Source: Isms, Fads and Fakes
Source type: book
Document type: lecture
Document title: “Anarchism, or, Rebellion Against Law”
Author(s): Field, Jasper Newton
Publisher: Hollenbeck Press
Place of publication: Indianapolis, Indiana
Year of publication: 1904
Pagination: 122-34 (excerpt below includes only page 134)

Field, Jasper Newton. “Anarchism, or, Rebellion Against Law.” Isms, Fads and Fakes. Indianapolis: Hollenbeck Press, 1904: pp. 122-34.
excerpt of lecture
anarchism (religious response); McKinley assassination (religious response); William McKinley (personal character).
Named persons
William McKinley.
From title page: Isms, Fads and Fakes: A Series of Sunday Night Discourses.


Anarchism, or, Rebellion Against Law [excerpt]

     Not soon will this Nation forget—nor yet the whole world—the striking contrast between anarchism and Christianity, between a product of defiance to authority and a product of loyal citizenship, which took place in Buffalo in connection with the Pan-American. The black-hearted and red-handed assassin, the modern Judas Iscariot, whose name is not worthy to be mentioned, pressing his way through the crowd, and, under the pretense of friendliness, reaching forth his hand and firing the bullet—and McKinley, who had such reverence for law, said to the people, even when falling to the floor: “Don’t hurt him; let the law take its course.” What a lesson on reverence for law, on submission to authority, on love of God and home and native land did McKinley, our late Christian President, teach us during his last days. “Not our will, but His, be done.”



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