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Source: Ins and Outs of Buffalo, the Queen City of the Lakes
Source type: book
Document type: article
Document title: “Police Department”
Author(s): anonymous [article]; anonymous [book]
Publisher: A. B. Floyd
Place of publication: Buffalo, New York
Year of publication: 1899
Pagination: 40

“Police Department.” Ins and Outs of Buffalo, the Queen City of the Lakes. Buffalo: A. B. Floyd, 1899: p. 40.
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Buffalo, NY (police department).
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From title page: Ins and Outs of Buffalo, the Queen City of the Lakes: A Thoroughly Authentic and Profusely Illustrated Guide.


Police Department

HEADQUARTERS of this department are located on the triangle formed by the intersection of Franklin, Seneca, Erie streets, and the Terrace. The building was erected in 1884, and contains the offices of the Superintendent of Police, Excise and Police Commissioners, quarters of the city’s detective force, the First Precinct station-house and the offices of the City Poormaster. In addition to these there is a “rogues gallery,” the “freezer” and a daily session of the Police Court. This department has in its employ 782 men all told. Of these there is a board of three commissioners, a superintendent of police, one assistant superintendent, two inspectors, one clerk board of police, stenographer, one clerk in charge of Bertillion system, one surgeon, one sealer of weights and measures, two assistants, one superintendent of electrical department, one clerk to superintendent of police, one chief operator, one assistant operator, fifteen detectives, thirteen captains, twenty-six precinct specials, thirty-nine sergeants, forty-three desk sergeants, (doormen) three assigned to patrol signal system, one superintendent of horses, 472 first grade patrolmen, 75 second grade, 21 third grade, two conductors of prison vans, three police boat pilots, three engineers, six hostlers, twenty-one drivers, thirteen janitresses, three matrons, one watchman, one interpreter for police court, and four linemen.
     Every man has attained his position by years of excellent police service, and according to the statements made by the heads of the police departments in several cities, Buffalo has one of the most efficient detective bureaus in the country. During the year 1899, according to the report of the police commissioners, stolen property to the amount of $18,589.48 was recovered by the headquarters men and returned to owners. Out of 231 persons who were reported missing, ninety-three were located by the detectives. Three or four private detective agencies are located in this city, but while their business is a lucrative one, a greater part of the detective work is done by the official force.
     Following are the locations of police stations in the city:

     The total of salaries paid by the city for police protection during the year 1899 was $715,690. Cost of maintenance for department other than salaries $130,008. The Board of Police also acts as the Board of Excise.



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