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Source: Ins and Outs of Buffalo, the Queen City of the Lakes
Source type: book
Document type: article
Document title: “Buffalo Facts”
Author(s): anonymous [article]; anonymous [book]
Publisher: A. B. Floyd
Place of publication: Buffalo, New York
Year of publication: 1899
Pagination: 198

“Buffalo Facts.” Ins and Outs of Buffalo, the Queen City of the Lakes. Buffalo: A. B. Floyd, 1899: p. 198.
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Buffalo, NY.
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From title page: Ins and Outs of Buffalo, the Queen City of the Lakes: A Thoroughly Authentic and Profusely Illustrated Guide.


Buffalo Facts

Theaters, 9.
Area of City, 42 square miles.
Population, 400,000. City Directory Canvas
Inexhaustible pure water supply.
Possession of unlimited electric power, principally generated at Niagara Falls.
Very cheap coal, Natural Gas in abundance.
Is a great Convention City.
Has 47 Hotels.
Free Library, 50,000 books.
60 Public Schools.
187 Churches.
26 Hospitals and Infirmaries.
4 Savings Banks.
20 Commercial Banks.
12 Large Flour Mills.
41 Grain Elevators, total capacity, 20,650,000 bu.
Has about 3,500 manufactories, and about 100,000 operatives.
28 Railroads enter the city.
250 Passenger Trains daily.
223 miles of Asphalt paved streets.
180 miles of Electric Street Railways.
Live Stock—Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs—about 9,000,000 handled yearly.
Lumber Trade—Buffalo forms with adjacent town of Tonawanda, the largest Lumber Market
       in the country.
Coal Trade—Very large, about half a million car loads are handled yearly.
Buffalo is the most healthful large city in the United States. The death rate for 1899 was 12.72
       per 1000.
City and County Hall cost $1,500,000.
New Post Office covers entire square. Site and building estimated cost, $2,000,000.
Ellicott Square Office Building, covers entire square. Site and building cost $3,350,000.
National Guard—65th Regiment, Headquarters, N. Y. State Arsenal.
74th Regiment, Headquarters, Armory. New Armory occupies entire square. Site and building,
       estimated cost, $1,000,000.
Rate of Taxation for 1899, County, $4.95—City for 1900, $17.4636 on value of $1,000.



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