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Source: The Iris
Source type: book
Document type: photograph
Document title: “Herbert M. Hill, A. M., Ph. D.”
Image size (in source, approx. h x w): unknown
Author(s): anonymous
Editor(s): Iris Association
Volume number: 8
Publisher: Iris Association, University of Buffalo
Place of publication: [Buffalo, New York]
Year of publication: 1905
Pagination: 17

“Herbert M. Hill, A. M., Ph. D.” The Iris. Vol. 8. [Buffalo]: Iris Association, University of Buffalo, 1905: p. 17.
full image of photograph
Herbert M. Hill (photographs).
Named persons
“Professor of Chemistry, Toxicology and Physics” (p. 16).

“Office—College Building” (p. 16).

Title herein adapted from caption.

Image courtesy of University at Buffalo Libraries.


Herbert M. Hill, A. M., Ph. D.




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