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Source: Omar and Fitzgerald and Other Poems
Source type: book
Document type: poem
Document title: “To the Nation’s Dead”
Author(s): Jury, John G.
Publisher: Whitaker and Ray Company
Place of publication: San Francisco, California
Year of publication: 1903
Pagination: 44-45

Jury, John G. “To the Nation’s Dead.” Omar and Fitzgerald and Other Poems. San Francisco: Whitaker and Ray, 1903: pp. 44-45.
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William McKinley (mourning: poetry).
Named persons
“These lines first appeared in a California newspaper on the morning of President McKinley’s burial” (p. vi).


To the Nation’s Dead

Yon cloud-craped mountains sadly stand
          About thy tomb;
The mountains of a mighty land
          Are robed in gloom.
Strong oaks drip tears upon the sod,
          On mount, in dell;
While slender bluebells droop and nod,
          To ring thy knell.

The sobbing ocean sweeps the bar,
          And breaks in moans,—
Re-echoing from the deep afar
          Its minor tones;
Along the reef the choral waves
          Recede and surge,
And choir with winds o’er deep sea-graves,
          A solemn dirge.

Resigned to all the ways of God,
          In peace he sleeps;
Columbia, bowed above the sod,
          In silence weeps.
We feel, we know that love is locked
          Within a tear;
And ne’er is heart of courage mocked
          By slavish fear.

The silent stars from somber heights,
          And lonely towers,
Enhallow all these simple rites
          And forms of ours,— [44][45]
Upon the altars of our pain
          Heaven’s radiance shed,—
Renew the promise, Man again
          Shall live, though dead.



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