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Source: The Pan-American Exposition and How to See It
Source type: book
Document type: illustration
Document title: “Temple of Music”
Image size (in source, approx. h x w): unknown
Author(s): anonymous [illustration]
Editor(s): Bennitt, Mark
Publisher: Goff Company
Place of publication: Buffalo, New York
Year of publication: 1901
Pagination: none

“Temple of Music.” The Pan-American Exposition and How to See It. Ed. Mark Bennitt. Buffalo: Goff, 1901: [no pagination].
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Temple of Music (illustrations).
Named persons
Isidore Konti [in notes].
Descriptive text accompanying the illustration reads as follows: “The Temple of Music at the northwest corner of the Court of Fountains and Esplanade, is a center of interest for music lovers. The temple is very beautiful in its exterior aspect and contains an auditorium seating 2,200 people. Emmons Howard has installed a great pipe organ at a cost of $15,000, and this is the place for orchestra, vocal and organ concerts and recitals during the Exposition. It is also a meeting hall for other purposes. The building is from designs by Esenwein & Johnson, of Buffalo. The decorative groups of sculpture are by Isidore Konti.”

Title herein taken from within image.

From title page: The Pan-American Exposition and How to See It: A Complete Art Souvenir, with a Condensed Guide to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

From title page: Edited by Mark Bennitt.

From front cover: Bennitt Illustrated Souvenir Guide, Pan American Exposition.

From front cover: Edited and Compiled by Mark Bennitt.

From front cover: Union News Edition.

Image courtesy of Google Books.


Temple of Music




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