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Picture Gallery of Souls
Source type: book
Document type: poem
Document title: “Amicicidium Principis”
Author(s): Sterner, Ira I.
Publisher: Richard G. Badger
Place of publication: Boston, Massachusetts
Year of publication: 1905
Pagination: 62

Sterner, Ira I. “Amicicidium Principis.” Picture Gallery of Souls. Boston: Richard G. Badger, 1905: p. 62.
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McKinley assassination (poetry).
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Jesus Christ.
From title page: Picture Gallery of Souls: Sonnets and Short Poems.

From title page: By Ira I. Sterner, Author of “A Souvenir Essay on Seeming and Being,” “Songs of the Prima Donna,” etc.

Amicicidium Principis


(Sept. 6, 1901.)

The hand of destiny, now fair, now foul,
Blots even our new scroll of Christian time:
Though volume twenty seeks harmonious rhyme,
Its preface gives a Tartarean howl.

From cells Gehennal came the dire advice
To slay the unimpeachable, because
A prince controls himself with righteous laws
While lawless men cast their perdition-dice.

So was it e’er since human time began:
The prophets slain by those they taught to climb;
Philanthropists in poverty alone,
And benefactors curst by succor’d man;
So was it in the Tragedy Sublime
When Christ was martyr’d though His deeds were known.