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Source: The Preposterous Yankee
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “‘Yellow’ Journalism” [chapter 26]
Author(s): Ponsonby, Montague Vernon
Publisher: Limpus, Baker and Co.
Place of publication: London, England
Year of publication: 1903
Pagination: 234-43 (excerpt below includes only page 238)

Ponsonby, Montague Vernon. “‘Yellow’ Journalism” [chapter 26]. The Preposterous Yankee. London: Limpus, Baker, 1903: pp. 234-43.
excerpt of chapter
yellow journalism; McKinley assassination (news coverage).
Named persons
William McKinley.
Title herein for the chapter is taken from the book’s table of contents. The running title appearing at the top of the chapter’s pages is “Yellow Journalism” (the word yellow not being enclosed in quotation marks). The title as it appears on the chapter’s first page is “American Yellow Journalism—a Preposterous Institution Which Must Be Kept in Its Own Country.”

According to T. J. Carty’s A Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms in the English Language (2014, 2nd ed.), Montague Vernon Ponsonby is a pen name for Alexander Kenealy.

From title page: By Montague Vernon Ponsonby, Esq.


“Yellow” Journalism [excerpt]

     When President M’Kinley was assassinated brutally and cruelly, several papers of standing did not scruple to intimate that the crime had been suggested to the criminal by one of the greatest of American newspapers which was short of news for the time being, and was anxious to create a sensation of some sort in order to fatten its waning circulation.



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