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Source: A Retrospect and Other Poems
Source type: book
Document type: poem
Document title: “Anarchy”
Author(s): Culler, Lucy Yeend
Publisher: Otterbein Press
Place of publication: Dayton, Ohio
Year of publication: 1914
Pagination: 84-85

Culler, Lucy Yeend. “Anarchy.” A Retrospect and Other Poems. Dayton: Otterbein Press, 1914: pp. 84-85.
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William McKinley (mourning: poetry); McKinley assassination (poetry).
Named persons
William McKinley.
From title page: By Mrs. Lucy Yeend Culler, Author of “Europe Through a Woman’s Eye,” “Violet,” “Lectures, Addresses,” Etc.

From title page: Published for the Author.



What means this hush o’er all the land?
     At half-mast floats the flag.
And ev’ry flag o’er all the world
     Full mournfully doth lag.
Why are the business places closed
     Grief written on the face,
As if a parent or a child
     Were missing from his place?

It is because an anarchist
     Has shed the warm life-blood
Of our beloved President,
     William McKinley, good
And true, a model patriot,
     A model Christian man,
Whom all could love. Whom none could hate.
     A courteous gentleman.

Extending hand with friendly touch
     To his assassin, base,
Who treacherously shot him down
     While smiling in his face.
“May God forgive him,” was his cry,
     While sinking to the floor.
Oh, Christlike words so wonderful!
     What martyr could do more?

Three times this generation’s seen
     A martyred President.
Must we submit to things like this?
     Cannot our government [84][85]
Devise some plan by which such crimes
     Impossible will be?
Death or imprisonment seems not
     Sufficient penalty.



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