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A Reverie and Other Verses and Prose
Source type: book
Document type: poem
Document title: “‘Thy Will Be Done’”
Author(s): Woods, John Alfred
Publisher: Bonnell, Silver and Co.
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1903
Pagination: 39

Woods, John Alfred. “‘Thy Will Be Done.’” A Reverie and Other Verses and Prose. New York: Bonnell, Silver, 1903: p. 39.
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William McKinley (death: poetry).
Named persons
Jesus Christ; William McKinley.

“Thy Will Be Done”


The last words of President McKinley.

How oft, oh, God! we bow to Thy decree,
And with hearts bleeding say: “Thy will be done.”
At times reason questions, and faith falters,
For we cannot always understand why
From a mother’s arm a suckling babe is torn,
Or why a nation’s prayers go all unheeded,
And our loved and honored President dies.
Oh, Father! when life’s burdens and sorrows
Seem more and greater than we can bear,
Lift Thou the dark curtain of hideous doubt
That faith may shine through the windows of our minds,
And enlighten reason with the words sublime,
That inspired the dying McKinley to say,
As did the crucified Christ of old,
“Thy will be done.”