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Source: Songs in Many Keys
Source type: book
Document type: poem
Document title: “Lines Written at the Death of William McKinley”
Author(s): Burchard, George
Publisher: Whitaker and Ray Company
Place of publication: San Francisco, California
Year of publication: 1905
Pagination: 51-52

Burchard, George. “Lines Written at the Death of William McKinley.” Songs in Many Keys. San Francisco: Whitaker and Ray, 1905: pp. 51-52.
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William McKinley (death: poetry).
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This book is copyrighted for 1904; however, the year 1905 is given on the title page.


Lines Written at the Death of William McKinley

The earth seems hush’d in blackest gloom!
     The martyred hero—he who died
     At Duty’s post—his country’s pride—
Will soon be resting ’neath the tomb.

“Good-bye, good-bye to all!” he said.
     These latest words, we hear them still,
     Marked by submission to that will,
Which all thro’ life his way had led.

But ah! that chant—his last farewell:
     “Nearer, my God, to Thee,” he sighs,
     And hymns that prayer before he dies,
A song on which ev’n angels dwell!

The thought of that last scene on earth
     Must touch the common heart of man,
     Respondent, since the world began,
To all that makes for God-like worth. [51][52]

All honor for his constant strife
     To do what to him seemed the right;
     His toils unceasing, day and night,
To lead men to a higher life!



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