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"Hello, I'm William McKinley."
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Source: Up from Georgia
Source type: book
Document type: poem
Document title: “William McKinley”
Author(s): Stanton, Frank L.
Publisher: D. Appleton and Company
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1902
Pagination: 176

Stanton, Frank L. “William McKinley.” Up from Georgia. New York: D. Appleton, 1902: p. 176.
full text
William McKinley (death: poetry); William McKinley (mourning: poetry).
Named persons
From title page: By Frank L. Stanton, Author of “Songs of the Soil,” etc.


William McKinley


Weeping skies that would seem to deplore him
     Cast shadows on stars and on suns;
Drooped flags that are shivering o’er him
     To a far-rolling thunder of guns!
And great bells that rock the starred steeples
     And moan to the heavens above,
But dearer than all things—a people’s
     Devotion and love!


O Northland and Southland far-sighing
     Your grief, in this hour unblest,
He died for his country, and dying
     Was folded in Love to her breast.
In the storm of the battle he towered
     A beacon—a strength to the brave,
And Freedom, low-kneeling, has showered
     Her tears on his grave.



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