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Source: Up-to-Date Minstrel Jokes
Source type: book
Document type: dialogue
Document title: “The Dew”
Author(s): anonymous
Editor(s): Wheeler, H. H.
Publisher: Up-to-Date Publishing Co.
Place of publication: Boston, Massachusetts
Year of publication: 1902
Part/Section: 1
Pagination: 2

“The Dew.” Up-to-Date Minstrel Jokes. Ed. H. H. Wheeler. Boston: Up-to-Date Publishing, 1902: part 1, p. 2.
full text of dialogue; excerpt of book
William McKinley (popular culture).
Named persons
Interlocutor; William McKinley; Tambo.
From title page: Up-to-Date Minstrel Jokes: A Collection of the Latest and Most Popular Jokes, Talks, Stump-Speeches, Conundrums and Monologues for Amateur Minstrels, Many of Which Have Never Before Appeared in Print; Also, a Special Department of Female Minstrel Jokes, Stump-Speeches and Monologues, Arranged Especially for “Lady Minstrels,” This Being the Only Collection of the Kind Ever Printed.

From title page: Collected and Arranged by H. H. Wheeler.


The Dew

     Tambo.—Can you tell me the difference between the dew that falls on the grass and the late President McKinley?
     Int.—I’m afraid I could never guess that one. You tell us the difference, Tambo.
     Tambo.—Well, sir, one is mist from the heavens and the other is missed from the earth.



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