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The Vanity of Human Grandeur
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “Chapter V”
Author(s): Russell, Ethel
Publisher: none given
Place of publication: Knoxville, Tennessee
Year of publication: 1904
Pagination: 29-36 (excerpt below includes only page 31)

Russell, Ethel. “Chapter V.” The Vanity of Human Grandeur. Knoxville: [n.p.], 1904: pp. 29-36.
excerpt of chapter
McKinley assassination (religious response); anarchism (religious response).
Named persons
Jesus Christ; William McKinley.
From title page: The Vanity of Human Grandeur: With Sketches of and Tributes to the Memory of Prominent Persons from East Tennessee.

From title page: Gaut-Ogden Co., Printers, Knoxville, Tenn.

Chapter V

     “Our voluntary service He requires, not our necessitated.” Volunteers are welcome to help conquer the world for Jesus, and to join the crusades lest more laboring men are beguiled by their greatest enemy, anarchism or nihilism. It has been denied that the death of President McKinley was ordained of God, but was the wickedness of nihilism. The assassin came upon him Judas-like and shot him, after betraying him with the grasp of the hand. The president, wounded unto death, asked that his murderer be protected and spared to await the verdict of the courts. This was a grand triumph of law and a good blow to mobism, for lynching is a dangerous species of anarchy which should be driven from the land by the strict enforcement of the law. Nihilism would divide the land and give as much to the idler as to the worker, and assassinate every king, president and officer of the law on earth. May the constituted authorities crush this venomous reptile wherever it lifts its head—before its power is fully tested.