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Zionism: Jewish Needs and Jewish Ideals
Source type: book
Document type: appendix
Document title: “Appendix”
Author(s): De Haas, J.
Publisher: Greenberg and Co.
Place of publication: London, England
Year of publication: 1901
Pagination: 59-64 (excerpt below includes only page 60)

De Haas, J. “Appendix.” Zionism: Jewish Needs and Jewish Ideals. London: Greenberg, 1901: pp. 59-64.
excerpt of appendix
McKinley assassination (religious response: criticism).
Named persons
William McKinley.
The excerpt (below) comes from a section of the appendix titled “Note II: On the Increase of Persecution.”


     The anti-Semitic parties are a quantity now reckoned with by politicians in France, Austria and Germany. In Italy anti-Semitism has had the approval of the Papal organs, and the contumaceous [sic] attack of the Pope on the Jews after the assassination of Mr. McKinley is fresh in the public mind. The statement that the Jewish position tends to become worse has the support of figures and facts.