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Source: American Veterinary Review
Source type: journal
Document type: public address
Document title: “Political Veterinarianism in Illinois”
Author(s): Gunning, T. J.
Date of publication: February 1902
Volume number: 25
Issue number: 11
Pagination: 904-08 (excerpt below includes only page 904)

Gunning, T. J. “Political Veterinarianism in Illinois.” American Veterinary Review Feb. 1902 v25n11: pp. 904-08.
T. J. Gunning (public addresses); McKinley assassination (personal response); McKinley assassination.
Named persons
William McKinley.
“By T. J. Gunning, Neponset, Ill.” (p. 904).

“Presidential Address delivered before the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association at Chicago, Nov. 14, 1901” (p. 904).


Political Veterinarianism in Illinois [excerpt]

     Another year has passed since last we met together at the annual meeting of this association. The past year, like all other years, has brought joy to some and sorrow to others. It is only a few weeks since our great nation was called to mourn the loss of its chief executive, a man greatly beloved by all except by the Anarchist. Surrounded by his fellow-citizens, vying with each other to show him honor, he was laid low by the assassin’s bullet, and the name of Wm. McKinley was added to the list of martyred Presidents. And while we bow in humble submission to the will of the Almighty, and mourn the loss of one so grand and noble, let us not forget to render thanks to Him who doeth all things well.



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