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Cement and Engineering News
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Anarchy—Its Vicious Precepts”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: September 1901
Volume number: 11
Issue number: none
Pagination: 34

“Anarchy—Its Vicious Precepts.” Cement and Engineering News Sept. 1901 v11: p. 34.
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McKinley assassination (personal response); anarchism (personal response); anarchism (dealing with).
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Anarchy—Its Vicious Precepts

     The assassination of the President of the United States by a fellow being, whose mind had been corrupted by the teachings of anarchy, sent a thrill of horror through the land and caused every honest man to bow his head in sorrow.
     As a protest against the fiendish act of the assassin, the nation wrapped itself in sack-cloth and ashes, in order to duly bear testimony and respect of the living for the dead, mingled with words of sorrow passing from lip to lip, while scorn, defiance and retribution was hurled at anarchy, the fraud of the nineteenth century, which has trespassed upon the liberties of organized society, with its propaganda of evil sowing the seeds of discord where it can and may, proclaiming, as it does, its vicious creed to the degenerate of mankind who receive it as a gold interwoven robe of light, and under its banners of murder and despair they expect to reduce society to one common level, in which there is to be no guiding hand of authority.
     We establish schools, colleges and other institutions of learning in order to improve the mental and moral status of the rising generation. To promote this end all visible property is burdened by taxation to sustain these institutions, while anarchy is seeking to undermine every moral principle and precept which we have been taught to love, honor and respect as a sacred birthright handed down to us by the founders of this nation.
     Society, in the light of passing events, must proteet [sic] itself to such an extent against the propaganda of anarchy as to utterly exclude it from within our borders. We gave these people an asylum and equal liberty with ourselves; in return their teaching was the direct result of the assassination of our president. To-day they are training assassins for like ventures, and glory in it. The time has come when the strong hand of the law must point the way out of the land for anarchy—its troop of accursed behests and poisoned literature, root and branch. Let society organize in every hamlet in the land that this end may be accomplished. Let the cry be “now or never.”