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Source: Denver Medical Times
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: “What Shall We Do with Our Anarchisls?” [sic]
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: October 1901
Volume number: 21
Issue number: 4
Pagination: 194-95

“What Shall We Do with Our Anarchisls?” [sic] Denver Medical Times Oct. 1901 v21n4: pp. 194-95.
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anarchism (personal response); anarchism (legal penalties); criminals (dealing with).
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What Shall We Do with Our Anarchisls? [sic]

The anarchist (not the socialist) is a perverted being, supremely egotistic, whose hand is against all the world except his few fellow cranks and criminals. “Beer and blood” are his motto, and when the moon is wrong he is apt to develop a sort of hydrophobia, directed specially against those individuals whom accident or merit has placed in high station.
     Since the days of the Inquisition, the kingdom of thought is free, and men cannot be punished for the most bizarre and outlandish views, so long as these opinions do not lead to overt acts or actual conspiracy. Yet it would seem that something should be done by way of prophylaxis to discourage the peculiar doctrines of the anarchists.
     Next to the love of life is the strength of the sexual instinct, and many men would rather die than lose that function around which their desires chiefly center. The [194][195] process of emasculation is the only certain method of preventing the propagation of criminal breeds. The deterrent effect of castration as regards the commission of crimes would extend through fear of a like punishment to the bad and lawless generally. Let, therefore, all men who are convicted without question of a design to commit murder if necessary to accomplish their ends, but who on account of failure to kill or other reason are not subject to the death penalty—let all such be castrated secundum artem, and the world will soon be better. In this class would come in general burglars and housebreakers, hold-ups, rape-fiends and last but not least, the anarchists who attempt to put their views into practice.



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