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Source: Journal of Geology
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: September-October 1901
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 6
Pagination: [533]

[untitled]. Journal of Geology Sept.-Oct. 1901 v9n6: p. [533].
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William McKinley (death: personal response); McKinley presidency.
Named persons
William McKinley.
In the journal’s table of contents the editorial is identified simply as “Memorial.” No title appears on page [533].



     Among the innumerable phases of the great calamity which has fallen upon our country and the world in the tragic death of PRESIDENT MCKINLEY, the loss of a generous friend of science is by no means the least. The prosperity of the scientific bureaus under his administration has been as marked in improved organization and in method as in extension and in generous patronage, and the establishment of a new bureau in the interest of scientific and commercial precision is a laudable feature of special moment.



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