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Source: Poultry Monthly
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Our Lamented President”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: October 1901
Volume number: 23
Issue number: 10
Pagination: 540

“Our Lamented President.” Poultry Monthly Oct. 1901 v23n10: p. 540.
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McKinley assassination (personal response); William McKinley; anarchism (personal response).
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Our Lamented President

     The whole Nation is in deep mourning and humiliation. Not only our own people, but every civilized country on the globe mourns with us, and has paid its tribute of respect, not alone to our departed President, but to a man who represented the highest type of American citizenship, and who so fitly illustrated in his career the possibilities open to aspiring manhood is [sic] this great Republic. From press and pulpit and platform everywhere have come most eloquent tributes to his memory, in recognition of his services as a soldier, as a statesman, and as a Christian gentleman of the truest and noblest type; but above all he has endeared himself to the American people by his chivalrous and loving devotion to the invalid wife now so sorely stricken. It was a cruel blow that struck him down, and a more causeless one could not be conceived. A more dastardly deed can not be found in the pages of history. But it has awakened the American people to a sense of a serious menace to our peace and safety. We have too long harbored the vile brood to which this assassin belonged. There has been too much liberty of speech and of action. Every patriotic citizen must feel that he is in personal danger, when such crimes and the teachings that lead to them are possible in this, the most peaceful, prosperous and happy country in the world, the country of the open door. The awakening has come! The time for action to wipe out this foul blot on our Nation’s honor is at hand!



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