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Source: Western Electrician
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 14 September 1901
Volume number: 29
Issue number: 11
Pagination: 168

[untitled]. Western Electrician 14 Sept. 1901 v29n11: p. 168.
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McKinley assassination (personal response); William McKinley (recovery); William McKinley.
Named persons
William McKinley.



     In common with all their fellow-countrymen Americans engaged in electrical pursuits will most earnestly hope that the life of the president may be spared. At the present time the surgeonís bulletins give ground for the welcome belief that Mr. McKinley will recover and that his speedy return to health will defeat the murderous purpose of a despicable assassin. Mr. McKinley has achieved a deservedly high place in the hearts of his fellow-citizens, and the esteem in which he is held is hearty, sincere and universal. His personality is engaging; but, beyond that, he is the presidentóthe executive chosen to carry out the laws of a free people. The attempt on his life is execrated at home and abroad, but by none more than by the alert, law-abiding, patriotic citizens who constitute the electrical fraternity of the United States.



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