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Source: Ave Maria
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial column
Document title: “Notes and Remarks”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 26 October 1901
Volume number: 53
Issue number: 17
Pagination: 533-36 (excerpt below includes only page 534)

“Notes and Remarks.” Ave Maria 26 Oct. 1901 v53n17: pp. 533-36.
McKinley assassination (religious response); society (criticism).
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Notes and Remarks

     We doubt whether any event less momentous than the assassination of a President of the United States, by an anarchist born and bred among us and educated in our public schools, could have done so much in so short a time toward exposing the fallacy that the prosperity and security of our republic is at all dependent on our much-belauded school system. All of a sudden it seems to be generally recognized, even by ministers who used to shout themselves hoarse in their advocacy of the little red school-house, that the public schools, as at present constituted, instead of being a conserving are emphatically a disintegrating social force. Now, at long last, the vexed question of religious education can be discussed with hope of its being satisfactorily settled.