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Source: Century Magazine
Source type: magazine
Document type: poem
Document title: “The Man of Destiny”
Author(s): Dangerfield, Clinton
Date of publication: April 1902
Volume number: 63
Issue number: 6
Pagination: 909

Dangerfield, Clinton. “The Man of Destiny.” Century Magazine Apr. 1902 v63n6: p. 909.
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Theodore Roosevelt (poetry).
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The Man of Destiny

For this, the burning winds and biting rain
     Were powerless against him, and the spite
Of the coiled snake, ay watchful on the plain,
     Was foiled; for this, the young West’s wholesome might

Entered his veins; for this, the stifling ring
     Of evil in the civic life was snapped.
Harmless the wiles of each envenomed thing,
     Freely he passed where other men were trapped.

O maker of To-morrow, by those pains
     Endured to reach the round world’s noblest seat,
By the ideals that led you on, and trained
     Your will to dominance, by all the sweet

Returns of love which on just rulers wait,
     Give us such new and kindly days that none
Shall linger at the ruined bars of hate,
     And misconception’s work shall be undone.

Aye, give us Yesterday; but on it raise
     A greater nation than the old day knew;
Thus men who dreamed of this shall stand at gaze
     In wondering awe to find that high dream true.



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