Publication information

Source: Colored American Magazine
Source type: magazine
Document type: news column
Document title: “Editorial and Publishers’ Announcements”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: October 1901
Volume number: 3
Issue number: 6
Pagination: 478-79 (excerpt below includes only page 478)

“Editorial and Publishers’ Announcements.” Colored American Magazine Oct. 1901 v3n6: pp. 478-79.
McKinley assassination (African American response); James B. Parker.
Named persons
William McKinley; James B. Parker; Theodore Roosevelt.

Editorial and Publishers’ Announcements

     With what rapid strides has history been making its record since our last issue. Our beloved President has been stricken down by the foul hand of an assassin, and Vice-President Roosevelt has assumed the highest office in the land.
     To our finite minds a tragedy of this character is appalling. Why did God in his omnipotence permit it? Time alone can solve this vexed question. We have an abiding faith that he who notes the sparrows fall would never have permitted a tragedy of this kind, unless out of it he had planned in some way to teach a lesson which should benefit mankind. Doubtless in time we shall learn what that lesson is.
     We hope that President Roosevelt will give to the ever-present “race problem” that share of his thought and attention which its importance warrants.


     And what a hero “our black man,” Parker, proved himself to be at Buffalo, in his effort to protect President McKinley at the time of the fatal assault. Would to God that he had been a moment sooner and prevented the fatal second shot. As it was, he did the best in his power, and is deserving of naught but the highest praise. We note with much regret the efforts from various sources to belittle the heroic work of this man, and what surprises us even more is the fact that these are some of our race members in Buffalo, who are doing much to detract from the praise and glory due Parker. This spirit is unworthy of any colored American citizen, and it should be put down at once by popular condemnation.