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Source: Free Society
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial column
Document title: “By the Wayside”
Author(s): Interloper
Date of publication: 20 April 1902
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 16
Pagination: 5

Interloper. “By the Wayside.” Free Society 20 Apr. 1902 v9n16: p. 5.
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By the Wayside [excerpt]

     Since the “Buffalo tragedy” the anxiety of many Anarchists to be classified among the goody-goody people has become quite a fad in our ranks, and the term “philosophic” seems to be be [sic] a convenient substitute for timidity. For it occurs to me that when the Christians had gained the esteem of the Roman ruling classes, they had gone quite a distance on the downward slope of compromise and corruption. The Anarchists may differ on methods of propaganda and tactics to realize our ideal, but the adjective “philosophic” applies to every Anarchist on the globe, and it is rather presumptuous on the part of those who monopolize the term. Men do not become Anarchists unless they become philosophers,—each according to his capacities.



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