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Source: Independent
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: “An International Conference”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 3 October 1901
Volume number: 53
Issue number: 2757
Pagination: 2373

“An International Conference.” Independent 3 Oct. 1901 v53n2757: p. 2373.
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John R. Dos Passos; anarchism (dealing with).
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John R. Dos Passos; Elizabeth.

An International Conference

Mr. John R. Dos Passos, an able New York lawyer, would have Congress call an international conference for the suppression of anarchism. But what new good will that do? Such a conference was held in Rome only three years ago, after the murder of the Empress Elizabeth. Since it met and discussed for a month, and called the chiefs of police of a dozen countries, and made provision for a bureau of information, and the mutual surrender of anarchists, a Spanish Prime Minister, an Italian King and an American President have been killed by anarchists. We do not know that another conference could do any more than did the last one. What is needed is not more palaver, but a careful surveillance of anarchistic clubs and individuals, so that any overt acts or any conspiracies may be discovered as soon as possible and punished before they result in murder. But no watchfulness can prevent the acts of single zealots like our last assassin; nor will the restriction of immigration succeed any better. Our three assassins of Presidents have all been natives of the country. We cannot reverse our time-honored and beneficial encouragement of immigration out of fear of anarchists. The air of freedom is its best panacea.