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Source: Liberty Review
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Just Indignation Against Murder-Advocating Socialists”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 15 October 1901
Volume number: 10
Issue number: 10
Series: new series
Pagination: 239

“Just Indignation Against Murder-Advocating Socialists.” Liberty Review 15 Oct. 1901 v10n10 (new series): p. 239.
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McKinley assassination (international response: socialists); McKinley assassination (sympathizers).
Named persons
William McKinley.
The identity of Gee (below) cannot be determined. Possibly it is William Gee.


Just Indignation Against Murder-Advocating Socialists

AT Arbroath recently a socialist agitator named Gee, hailing from Newcastle, addressed a street crowd, when he stated that the late President McKinley had only received his deserts, and that, were a few more like him “removed,” society at large would be greatly benefited. This naturally roused the crowd’s blood: some of the socialists present came in for some rather rough handling, and, deeming prudence the better part of valour, the man, with two or three of his followers, made a dash, followed by the howling mob, and dodging missiles of various kinds. Managing to keep in front of their pursuers, the socialists, panting after their exciting run, at last reached their natural harbour of refuge, the Police-station. Apparently socialists at large were not “greatly benefited” by the exercise of their right of free speech. Their voluntary but rapid “removal” was appreciated by Arbroath.



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