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Source: Outlook
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: “The McKinley and Victoria Memorials”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 30 November 1901
Volume number: 69
Issue number: 13
Pagination: 806

“The McKinley and Victoria Memorials.” Outlook 30 Nov. 1901 v69n13: p. 806.
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McKinley memorial (Canton, OH); McKinley National Memorial Association [misnamed below]; McKinley memorial (Washington, DC).
Named persons
Reginald Baliol Brett Esher; James A. Garfield; Abraham Lincoln; William McKinley; Ryerson Ritchie; Victoria.


The McKinley and Victoria Memorials

Last week the Executive Committee of the McKinley National Monument Association issued a statement showing general and hearty response to the appeal to provide funds for a memorial at Canton. In nearly all of the States of the Union auxiliary organizations have been formed; these report an indication from every quarter that the people desire to make the erection of a monument at the home of President McKinley their first duty. In deference to this sentiment—as also shown in the monuments provided for Lincoln and Garfield—the National Association is carrying forward the work of providing for such a memorial; should more funds be subscribed than are necessary for the purpose of erecting a monument compatible with the dignity of the late President’s life, any surplus will be devoted to a National memorial at Washington. It is understood that the latter memorial will take the form of an arch. Subscriptions to the Canton monument may be sent either to the treasurers of the State Associations at the various State capitals, or to Mr. Ryerson Ritchie, General Secretary, Cleveland.——Coincidentally with this comes the news from Great Britain that the National Committee for the Queen Victoria Memorial has accepted the suggestion of the American Society in London concerning a contribution from the United States to the fund for the memorial. This proposition has been laid before the King, who was much touched by the spirit in which the offer was made on behalf of many who, though not subjects of the Crown, are united to England both by blood and by ties of friendship. Viscount Esher, the Secretary of the National Committee, in accepting the American proposal, adds that the memorial will probably assume a form which will permit of a clear designation, for all time, of the offering made to the Queen’s memory by United States citizens. Numerous and large subscriptions have already been made by Americans; those who wish to subscribe may do so through Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Co., P. O. Box 3,036, New York City.



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