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Source: Outlook
Source type: magazine
Document type: poem
Document title: “September Sixth, 1901”
Author(s): Schauffler, Robert Haven
Date of publication: 14 September 1901
Volume number: 69
Issue number: 2
Pagination: 112

Schauffler, Robert Haven. “September Sixth, 1901.” Outlook 14 Sept. 1901 v69n2: p. 112.
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McKinley assassination (poetry).
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September Sixth, 1901

A stowaway slept in a nook in the hold;
     Fiercely the storm smote the writhing wave,
And the good ship strained while her captain told
The turbulent watches, growing heart-old
     As he guided his craft to a port or a grave.
     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·     ·
The young sun smiled on the ship as she rode
     At anchor, and flashed morning-peace on the bay.
But the skulker saw where the captain strode
On the deck late-scarred by the tempest’s goad,
     And smote him as only a man-fiend may!!



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