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Source: Sphere
Source type: magazine
Document type: illustration
Document title: “The Body Lying in State in the Rotunda at Washington”
Image size (in source, approx. h x w): unknown
Author(s): Paxton, R. M.
Date of publication: 5 October 1901
Volume number: 7
Issue number: 89
Pagination: 8

Paxton, R. M. “The Body Lying in State in the Rotunda at Washington.” Sphere 5 Oct. 1901 v7n89: p. 8.
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William McKinley (lying in state: Washington, DC: illustrations).
Named persons
Descriptive text accompanying the caption reads as follows: “During the seven hours that the body lay in state in the Rotunda dense masses of humanity struggled in to see all that remained of the beloved President. The coffin was of sufficient height to let all but children have a good view; the latter were lifted. Two sergeants and a marine stood at the head and two sailors and a marine at the foot, and the people passed through lines of marines on one side and sailors on the other.”

The illustration (below) is described as having been “sketched by our special artist, Alfred Pearse” and “drawn by R. M. Paxton.”

The illustration (below) is one of two images appearing on page 8 under the collective title “The Funeral Obsequies of President McKinley.” Click here to view the other image.

Title herein taken from caption.

Image courtesy of HathiTrust.


The Body Lying in State in the Rotunda at Washington

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