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Source: Truth Seeker
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 9 November 1901
Volume number: 28
Issue number: 45
Pagination: 709

[untitled]. Truth Seeker 9 Nov. 1901 v28n45: p. 709.
full text
John J. O’Connor; McKinley assassination (religious response); anarchism (religious response); anarchism (dealing with); McKinley assassination (religious response: criticism).
Named persons
William McKinley; John J. O’Connor [misspelled below].



     At the laying of a cornerstone for a parochial school in Jersey city [sic] last week, Bishop O’Conner, who made the address, eulogized President McKinley and denounced Anarchy. He said that there would be less lawlessness and Anarchy in this country if the children received more of a Christian education, meaning of course a Roman Catholic education. He suggested that the parochial schools be made a part of the public school system, meauiug [sic], of course, that the taxpayers should be made to support the Romish schools. But inasmuch as the Auarchist [sic] who murdered McKinley was educated in a Catholic parochial school, it seems to us that Bishop O’Conner’s logic is very faulty indeed. If parochial schools turn out murderers a plea for their suppression would be more in order.



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