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Source: Timely Topics
Source type: magazine
Document type: poem
Document title: “Dear Stricken One!”
Author(s): Wilson, Alice D.
Date of publication: 27 September 1901
Volume number: 6
Issue number: 4
Pagination: 62

Wilson, Alice D. “Dear Stricken One!” Timely Topics 27 Sept. 1901 v6n4: p. 62.
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Ida McKinley (grieving: poetry); William McKinley (mourning: poetry).
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Dear Stricken One!

Dear stricken one! A nation mourns with thee!
     Hearts fill with grief, and eyes with tears o’erswell;
The depths of loss, the emptiness of heart,
     The loneliness wherein thou must now dwell,
Are known to thee and God. None else can know
Save she who bears and he who gives the blow.

Dear stricken one! The whole world mourns with thee!
     Thy lov’d is gone, his labors here are done;
Repine not, patient soul, with him all’s well;
     Reward is his, exceeding great, well won,
From present ills look to thy God and see
“The glory which shall be reveal’d in thee.”

     Chicago, Ill.



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