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Source: Woman’s Work for Woman
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: November 1901
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 11
Pagination: 297

[untitled]. Woman’s Work for Woman Nov. 1901 v16n11: p. 297.
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McKinley assassination (personal response); McKinley assassination (religious response); William McKinley (religious character).
Named persons
Ida McKinley; William McKinley.



     THE tragedy of September, which took from us our beloved President McKinley, will not soon be forgotten, rapid as is the march of events in this hurrying age. It is not too much to say that in our deep grief we had the sympathy of the world. Christian missionaries lost in Mr. McKinley a firm and consistent friend, whose devotion to the Master never wavered, and whose wisdom and tact were conspicuous during the long period of anxiety and trouble in China. That on his deathbed, facing the final hour, his courage and fortitude did not fail, that his last words were, “It is God’s way. His will be done, not ours,” that through its tender association with him, “Nearer my God to Thee” has been sung around the globe, and that, to the thoughtless and the unbelieving he was able to show how strong and how precious is the faith of the disciple, in life and in death, are links in the golden chain of our thanksgiving that we have had in this high place so great a man, so great an American. The loneliness of Mrs. McKinley appeals to every heart.



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