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Source: Alameda Daily Argus
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Alameda, California
Date of publication: 26 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: none
Pagination: [2]

[untitled]. Alameda Daily Argus 26 Sept. 1901: p. [2].
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yellow journalism.
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     One result of the exhaustive discussion of yellow journalism ought to be the amelioration of the Sunday supplement. This is by no means the least mischievous feature of irresponsible and reckless newspaper-making. How the modern idea of the Sunday supp. gained vogue it is idle to speculate upon, but that its absurdities, indecencies, monstrosities, perversions and general misinformation are demanded by the public no publisher can possibly believe. We doubt if it is possible to find a disinterested reader who will admit to being edified or pleased with a yellow Sunday supp. But it has been tolerated much as the cartoons of “Willie and Teddie” have. Now that people are waking up about these things the yellow Sunday supp. ought to go with the rest of it, or else abate its noisome features.



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