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Source: Buffalo Commercial
Source type: newspaper
Document type: notice
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Buffalo, New York
Date of publication: 9 September 1901
Volume number: 70
Issue number: 21441
Pagination: 6

[notice]. Buffalo Commercial 9 Sept. 1901 v70n21441: p. 6.
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telegrams; McKinley assassination (news coverage).
Named persons
A. M. Dyer; William McKinley; John G. Milburn.




Bell Telephone Co.



     Subscribers in SENECA DISTRICT desiring information concerning the President’s condition may obtain the bulletins issued from Mr. Milburn’s residence by calling Seneca 3380.
     Other exchanges call 95.


Statement as to the Minute When President McKinley Was Shot.

     Word that the President was shot was delivered in an ambulance call by the Exposition Bell Telephone Exchange to the News Bureau of the Associated Newspapers of Buffalo. On the basis of this information a bulletin was instantly prepared and sent to the afternoon newspapers of Buffalo over the Postal Telegraph wires. This bulletin bears the time mark of the telegraph company as 4.10 p. m. This bulletin was delivered to the afternoon papers of Buffalo by the Main Street office of the telegraph company with the time mark of 4.15 p. m.
     Verification of this bulletin was based on a personal trip by a reporter of the News Bureau to the Temple of Music and back to the Exposition office of the Postal Telegraph Co. Verified bulletin bears the time mark of the Postal Telegraph Co. as 4.15 p. m.
     This seems to fix the time of the shooting as not earlier than 4.08 p. m. by the telegraph company’s clock.
     The following are copies of the bulletins:


     4.10 p. m.—7—Collect, D. P. R.—President McKinley shot.


     4.15 p. m.—22—Collect, D. P. R.—Shot twice at the Temple of Music in the stomach by a stranger.

     NOTE.—I send this out as I feel deeply grateful to the young woman manager and operators of the Bell Telephone Exchange and to the operators of the Postal Telegraph Co. for their promptness and zeal in getting the news out, and I think it no more than square that credit should be given them.

A. M. DYER,          
Manager News Bureau of the Associated Newspapers of Buffalo.



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