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Source: Buffalo Enquirer
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: “High Honor from the President”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Buffalo, New York
Date of publication: 5 September 1901
Volume number: 58
Issue number: 33
Pagination: 2

“High Honor from the President.” Buffalo Enquirer 5 Sept. 1901 v58n33: p. 2.
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William McKinley (at Buffalo, NY); William McKinley (at Pan-American Exposition).
Named persons
William McKinley.


High Honor from the President

     President McKinley is in Buffalo. The fact is of significance. It is a high honor being paid to the city and the greatest tribute that can come to the Exposition. The Chief Executive of the chief nation of the Western Hemisphere comes to greet the strivings and the achievements of the countries of the two continents as they are shown in the exhibits of Pan-America. It is a noteworthy compliment to Buffalo’s efforts and should possess for the foreign visitors who grace the Exposition with their presence sure proof that their efforts are appreciated. It puts the stamp of authoritative approval on what has been done within the fence beyond Delaware Park. But the welcome is not one-sided. The city of Buffalo and the Exposition greets [sic] the President on this first visit. It has been a long looked-for coming and its delay makes it now only doubly appreciated. May the blessing of prosperity follow from it.



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