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Source: Boston Evening Transcript
Source type: newspaper
Document type: poem
Document title: “The Last Message”
Author(s): Warner, Hannah
City of publication: Boston, Massachusetts
Date of publication: 20 September 1901
Volume number: 72
Issue number: none
Pagination: 10

Warner, Hannah. “The Last Message.” Boston Evening Transcript 20 Sept. 1901 v72: p. 10.
full text
William McKinley (death: poetry).
Named persons
The condition of the newspaper (an online scanned document) is poor in places, rendering punctuation difficult or impossible to read. The October 1901 issue of Sea Breeze, which reprints the poem, has been used to verify/assign punctuation below.


The Last Message


[For the Transcript]

“Good-by; good-by to all! It is God’s way.”
Midst deepening gloom still gleams the constant ray.
O simple words, a Chieftain’s dying breath,
Henceforth immortal, sanctifying death;
To show a world appalled how great men die,
To hush a nation’s quick, rebellious “Why?”
     With calm “good-by.”

O strong-souled Chieftain, thus to lead the way—
Undaunted and unfaltering to obey,
And beckon our frail hearts with thee to rise
Above the shadow of this sacrifice;
High noontide glory wrapped in midnight pall,
Yet unaffrighted hear the cadence fall:
     “Good-by; good-by to all!”

O man of faith and humble trust sublime—
Still gleaming down the long, dim path of Time
This radiance, from thy more than kingly throne,
Shall light a world to make thy faith its own.
Illumine all earth’s gloom, O Constant Ray,
While nations hear our martyred Chieftain pray:
     “Good-by; good-by to all! It is God’s way.”



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