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Source: Philadelphia Record
Source type: newspaper
Document type: poem
Document title: “William McKinley”
Author(s): Thomas, Lambert Reynolds
City of publication: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of publication: 15 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: 10787
Pagination: 4

Thomas, Lambert Reynolds. “William McKinley.” Philadelphia Record 15 Sept. 1901 n10787: p. 4.
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William McKinley (poetry); William McKinley (death: poetry).
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William McKinley


Died September 14, 1901.

Calm face, cast in the ancient Roman mold;
     Firm lips, responsive to their master’s will,
     That could be eloquent, or stern and still,
By the o’er-mastering intellect controlled;
Clear, steady eyes, that seemed to seize and hold
     Men’s inmost thoughts. O voice that once could thrill
     The waiting multitude, can grim Death chill
Thy long-felt power? Can that warm heart grow cold?

Mourn for the time-tried Leader ye have lost—
     The fearless helmsman of the Ship of State;
     Martyr to duty, master of his fate—
He has found harbor, he, the tempest-tossed.
     Thro’ melting mists of prejudice and hate
     The man’s strong soul stands bare—too late, too late!

     Philadelphia, September 14, 1901.



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