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Source: Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner
Source type: newspaper
Document type: poem
Document title: “Drape the Flag in Mourning”
Author(s): King, Mary J.
City of publication: Phenix, Rhode Island
Date of publication: 4 October 1901
Volume number: 26
Issue number: 40
Pagination: 4

King, Mary J. “Drape the Flag in Mourning.” Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner 4 Oct. 1901 v26n40: p. 4.
full text
William McKinley (mourning: poetry); McKinley assassination (poetry).
Named persons
The condition of the newspaper (an online scanned document) is poor in places, rendering punctuation and selected letters difficult or impossible to read. A best guess is given below as to what the punctuation is intended to be.


Drape the Flag in Mourning

O, drap[e] th[e] flag in mo[u]rning
     A[s] it wav[es] [?] [sea?] and land,
For our martyr[e]d Pr[es]id[e]nt,
     Stru[c]k by th[e] a[ssassi]n’s hand;
At th[e] Buffal[o] [e]xp[ositio]n—
     Th[e] [da]y w[as] [b]right and fair—
Our [s]tarry bann[e]r wa[s] th[e] priz[e]
     A[s] it float[ed] in th[e] [a]ir.

Pl[e]a[s]ure b[e]am[ed] in [e]v[e]ry [e]y[e],
     With on[e] thou[g]ht all w[e]r[e] int[e]nt,
A[s] [e]a[c]h on[e] th[ei]r right hand off[e]r[e]d
     To gr[ee]t our Pr[es]i[de]n[t];
But in that thr[o]ng a Judas
     B[o]ldly t[ook] h[is] [st]an[d]—
A handker[c]hi[e]f [bo]un[d] w[e]ll around
     Conceal[e]d hi[s] f[a]l[se] right hand.

That sc[e]ne of j[o]y and pl[e]a[s]ure
     B[e]came on[e] of wild[es]t grief,
A[s] a [b]ull[e]t fr[om] that fal[se] right [h]and
     Stru[c]k our [loved?] an[d] honor[e]d [ch]i[e]f;
Thu[s] he f[e]ll—[o]ur Pr[es]i[de]nt—
     A[nd] w[e] a[s]k, [c]an it b[e] true,
In tim[e] of p[eace], at hom[e], b[e]n[e]ath
     Th[e] r[ed], th[e] whit[e] and blu[e]?

Wh[e]re millions woul[d] d[e]f[e]nd hi[m],
     Had th[e]y f[e]lt th[e] l[e]ast alarm,
From th[e] v[e]ry thought of dang[e]r,
     Or the faint[es]t [b]r[e]ath of harm;
Not [a] king, but [a] fr[ee] nation’s [c]hoice,
     Who with wi[s]dom an[d] with [c]are
Am[e]ri[c]a’[s] loyal [s]on[s] had plac[e]d
     In the Pr[es]idential chair.

O, drap[e] the flag in mourning
     For our martyr[e]d Pr[e]sident—
W[e] ho[n]or and w[e] love it,
     An[d] th[e] lan[d] it r[ep]r[ese]nt[s];
And now we will [de]f[e]nd th[e]m,
     Whil[e] th[e] sun and moon giv[e] light
An[d] th[e] blu[e] [s]ky b[e]nds abov[e] us,
     Ad[o]rned with stars so bright.

Willim[a]nti[c], C[o]nn.



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