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"Hello, I'm William McKinley."
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Source: Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner
Source type: newspaper
Document type: poem
Document title: “William McKinley”
Author(s): B., N. J.
City of publication: Phenix, Rhode Island
Date of publication: 18 October 1901
Volume number: 26
Issue number: 42
Pagination: 4

B., N. J. “William McKinley.” Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner 18 Oct. 1901 v26n42: p. 4.
full text
William McKinley (death: poetry); William McKinley (poetry).
Named persons
The condition of the newspaper (an online scanned document) is poor in places, rendering punctuation and selected letters difficult or impossible to read. A best guess is given below as to what the punctuation is intended to be. In a few instances, end-of-line punctuation is absent below because none is visible in the original document.


William McKinley



His [c]ountry lost him ’ere hi[s] work was don[e],
Nor D[e]ath has robb[e]d h[e]r of a nobl[e]r son;
To vi[ce severe], to [e]rring virtu[e] kind,
Of st[e]adfast honor, and of op[e]n mind;
Who[se] vital wi[s]h b[ec]am[e] th[e] s[e]al of Fat[e]
His p[e]opl[e] happy, and his [c]ountry gr[e]at.
W[e]ll might that nation wi[s]h his guidanc[e] n[e]ar,
Upon th[e] thr[es]hold of it[s] va[s]t car[ee]r;
W[e]ll might Columbia s[ee]k, with sad dismay,
Th[e] hand tha[t] l[e]d h[e]r, and i[s] du[s]t to-day.
     Hi[s] g[en]ius r[ose] in no [self-centred?] h[o]ur,
A[s] fortune’s favorit[e], or th[e c]hild [o]f [power?],
But [c]am[e] to birth, a [s]truggling thing [o]f [life?]
Th[e] glorious issu[e] of opposing stri[fe];
His ju[s]t ambiti[o]n, link[e]d with mod[es]t [pride?]
By [e]nvy thr[eatened], and [b]y fa[ctio]n [tried?],
Burst thr[o]ugh th[e] st[o]rm, a [be]aut[eous] ray of light,
S[erene]ly pur[e], and [e]loqu[e]ntly bright;
As stat[e]craft’s idol, he illumin[e]d its ken,
And won the judgm[e]nts and th[e] h[e]arts of men.
     Sl[ee]p! Christian patriot, thy r[es]t b[e]nign,
Aff[ec]tion’s praise eternally is thin[e]
The aim of age, the guiding star of youth,
Lover of p[e]ace, and [c]hampion of truth,
Whos[e] lif[e]’s p[e]rf[e]ction, and whos[e] p[erfec]t fam[e],
Mak[e]s mali[c]e blush, and monar[c]hs droop with sham[e],
Mankind for him it[s] t[e]nd[e]r[es]t t[e]ars ma[y] [shed?],
Who[se] hopes w[e]r[e] blameless as the cours[e] h[e] l[e]d.



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