Publication information
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Source: Sandusky Daily Register
Source type: newspaper
Document type: news column
Document title: “Pan-American Notes”
Author(s): S., H. B.
City of publication: Sandusky, Ohio
Date of publication: 17 September 1901
Volume number: 80
Issue number: 149
Pagination: 7

S., H. B. “Pan-American Notes.” Sandusky Daily Register 17 Sept. 1901 v80n149: p. 7.
McKinley assassination (African American response); McKinley assassination (public response: Buffalo, NY); James B. Parker.
Named persons
James B. Parker; James A. Ross.
The news column is dated 13 September 1901.

In the original source the newspaper’s issue number is given erroneously as 150.


Pan-American Notes [excerpt]

     The colored men of Buffalo are in raptures over Parker, the negro whose strong arm prevented the assassin from firing a third bullet into the body of the president. Parker himself modestly states that he is a full-blooded due for his part in Friday’s affair belongs to the negro race [sic]. An incident in the man’s life as related by his friend, Attorney J. A. Ross of Buffalo, is worth repeating. Parker’s mother, when she writes to him, always adds the postscript, “I’m praying for you, Jim.” When Parker answered the letter received after the shooting he put this postscript on, “Keep on praying, Mother.”



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