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Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Source type: newspaper
Document type: letter to the editor
Document title: “Advocates of Murder”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: St. Louis, Missouri
Date of publication: 10 September 1901
Volume number: 54
Issue number: 20
Pagination: 6

“Advocates of Murder.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10 Sept. 1901 v54n20: p. 6.
full text
McKinley assassination (personal response); anarchism (personal response).
Named persons
Emma Goldman; William McKinley.


Advocates of Murder

To the Editor of the Post-Dispatch.

     The shooting of President McKinley by an anarchist should convince all Americans of the danger to life and liberty by allowing such dastardly fiends to exist in this country, permitting their leaders and such persons as Emma Goldman to advocate and teach anarchy through newspapers. Books and lectures urging their followers to commit deeds of violence and murder to accomplish and promote their ends and designs should be prohibited. American citizens should awake from their seeming apathy and unite in asking Congress to make and pass laws that will keep all anarchists out of this country and deport those that are here. No reliance can be placed in what they say or swear to, as they do not respect any laws or oaths but their own, and readily lie and swear to falsehoods to cover up their plots.


     St. Louis.



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