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Source: Sun
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Mrs. William M’Kinley the Woman, the Wife”
Author(s): Grundy, Young Mrs. [pseudonym]
City of publication: Wilmington, Delaware
Date of publication: 10 September 1901
Volume number: 4
Issue number: 250
Pagination: [2]

Grundy, Young Mrs. “Mrs. William M’Kinley the Woman, the Wife.” Sun [Wilmington] 10 Sept. 1901 v4n250: p. [2].
full text
Ida McKinley; William McKinley (personal character).
Named persons
Ida McKinley; William McKinley.


Mrs. William M’Kinley the Woman, the Wife

     In br[e]athl[e]ss [s]usp[e]ns[e], with t[e]nd[e]r lov[e] [a] nation wait[s] at a [s]i[c]k man’[s] door.
     Within that dark[e]n[e]d [c]hamb[e]r th[e] [C]hi[ef] Magi[s]trat[e] of a gr[e]at p[e]opl[e] i[s] fa[ci]ng d[e]at[h].
     An[d] [as] th[e] p[e]opl[e] a[s]k “Who i[s] [g]ai[n]ing [t]h[e] vi[c]tory?” th[e]y a[s]k “How i[s] Mr[s]. M[c]Kinl[ey]?” Will [s]h[e] b[e]ar up?
     Will [s]h[e] liv[e] throu[g]h th[e] [s]train and [a]nxi[e]ty?
     B[e]for[e] thi[s] [s]h[e] ha[s] [bee]n th[e] on[e] to [as]k [s]y[m]pathy. Sh[e] ha[s] alway [sic] [bee]n [the] [c]o[m]f[o]rt[e]d in[s]t[ea]d of th[e] [c]o[m]fort[e]r.
     [N]ow all that i[s] [c]hang[e]d and it i[s] [s]h[e], [the] frail i[n]valid who i[s] valia[n]tly [s]tru[gg]li[n]g to [be] [b]rav[e]. Th[e] [s]train i[s] gr[eat] [a]nd Mr[s]. M[c]Kinl[e]y i[s] k[ee]ping up [b]y [h]op[e], lov[e] and th[e] [s]timulant[s] i[m]p[e]ra[ti]v[e]ly ord[e]r[e]d [b]y h[e]r phy[s]i[c]i[a]n.
     To h[e]r h[e] i[s] not th[e] Pr[es]id[e]nt. To h[e]r [he] i[s] not th[e] C[h]i[e]f Magi[s]trat[e] o[f] a gr[e]a[t] [pe]o[p]l[e]. To h[e]r h[e] i[s] ju[s]t [t]h[e] on[e] man in th[e] world who i[s] h[e]r [a]ll and all. [He]r h[e]art i[s] wrung with ju[s]t [suc]h bitt[e]r [te]ar[s] a[s] th[e] h[e]art of th[e] lowli[es]t work[m]an’[s] wif[e].
     Sh[e] i[s] ju[s]t a woman, confiding, t[e]nd[e]r, w[e]ak and d[e]p[e]ndant, and h[e] th[e] man of [he]r [he]art.
     To h[e]r th[e] pomp and glory of b[e]ing [t]h[e] [f]ir[s]t lady of th[e] land m[e]an nothing. Sh[e] i[s] ju[s]t a woman and a wif[e] who[se] h[e]art i[s] [b]r[e]akin[g].
     [N]othing [c]ould [be] [m]or[e] tou[c]hing th[an] [the] [s]tory of th[e] [P]r[es]id[e]nt’s hom[e] lif[e].
     Ev[e]r sin[ce] th[e] [b]a[be] di[e]d who l[e]ft th[e]m [c]hildl[ess] Mr[s]. M[c]Kinl[e]y ha[s] [bee]n a[n] invalid. [He]r lif[e] ha[s] [bee]n [b]ound[e]d [b]y th[e] four wall[s] of h[e]r [s]i[c]k room. It w[as] to [t]hi[s] lif[e] Willia[m] M[c]Kinl[e]y [b]ound him[se]lf with a loyal[t]y [an]d d[e]votion [t]ru[e]r than that of any knight of old.
     [N]othing [c]o[u]l[d] [a]llur[e] him from [h]i[s] wif[e]’[s] [s]id[e].
     Wh[e]n pu[b]li[c] lif[e] off[e]r[e]d him glory an[d] [s]p[ec]ial hon[o]r[s] [none] [c]ould allur[e] [h]im fro[m] hi[s] [s]i[c]k wif[e].
     It wa[s] a [m]a[tch]l[ess] d[e]votion and [te]n[de]rn[ess] mor[e] faithful than that of a [m]oth[e]r ov[e]r a [s]i[c]k [c]hild, a[n]d that [de]voti[o]n and lov[e] [more] than on[ce] [seemed] [a]lmo[s]t to draw [he]r [b]a[c]k from th[e] grav[e]. [H]i[s] lov[e] a[nd] [so]li[c]itu[de] for th[e] wo[ma]n who [b]or[e] hi[s] [ch]il[d] ha[s] [bee]n on[e] of [s]w[eet] [s]pot[s] in a gr[eat] [man’s] lif[e].
     W[ee]p wi[t]h [the] wif[e] you wo[me]n wh[o] k[n]ow w[h]at it i[s] t[o] lov[e] that g[e]ntl[e] lovi[n]g [c]are, tha[t] [st]ro[ng] arm [t]ha[t] k[ep]t [t]h[e] world’[s] [c]ru[e]l[t]i[es] fro[m] yo[u].
     W[ee]p wit[h] h[e]r you mai[de]n[s] wh[o] know th[e] [c]omfort[s] of a l[o]v[e]r’[s] [s]y[m]path[e]ti[c] h[e]art b[e]at[s].
     W[ee]p with h[e]r yo[u] wom[e]n w[ho] hav[e] [b]owed your h[e]ad[s] in gri[e]f wh[e]n infid[e]lity [o]r th[e] m[o]n[s]t[e]r drink ha[s] tak[e]n from y[o]u [t]h[e] hand yo[u] w[e]re wont to [c]ar[ess].
     W[ee]p with her you wom[e]n wh[o] hav[e] wat[c]h[e]d at th[e] [be]d[s]id[e] of a lov[e]d on[e] w[he]n gri[m] d[e]ath hov[e]r[e]d a[b]o[ut] [the] ro[om].
     W[ee]p with h[e]r, for [s]h[e] i[s] ju[st] a w[o]m[an] holdin[g] [b]y th[e] sl[e]nd[e]r thr[e]ad of h[ope] [that] lif[e] [t]hat m[e]an[s] [e]v[e]rythin[g] [to] [he]r.
     To u[s] [he] i[s] our [c]hi[e]f, our [P]r[es]id[e]n[t], [o]ur [po]w[e]r; to h[e]r h[e] i[s] j[ust] [the] m[a]n [she] lo[ves]. Pray with h[e]r.



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