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"Hello, I'm William McKinley."
partial cover image from "American Boys' Life of William McKinley"                                              
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Descriptive information

Image layout: horizontal
Dimensions (approx. l x w): 14cm x 9cm
Caption (front side, top): “The White Room, Kathryn Lawrence’s Dining Rooms”
Caption (front side, bottom): “641 Delaware Ave. at North St., Buffalo, N. Y.”
Number preceding caption: none
Number(s) on image: none
Image: interior view of dining room, w/ tables set for service
Information about image (back side): “The Ansley Wilcox Mansion, the inauguration place of Theo. Roosevelt on September 14, 1901. This Mansion known as Poinsett Barracks, was the first U. S. Army Post in Buffalo.”
Number(s) on back side: 12665
Postal cancellation date: not mailed
Postal rate: no denoted postal rate
Company (creator): E. C. Kropp Co.
Printing location:
United States


Scene depicted postdates Ansley Wilcox residency.

From back of card: “Made in U. S. A. by E. C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis.”





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