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Source: The Americanisation of the World
Source type: book
Document type: essay
Document title: “The Mission of the Cinematograph”
Author(s): Stead, W. T.
Publisher: Review of Reviews
Place of publication: London, England
Year of publication: 1902
Pagination: 174-82 (excerpt below includes only page 179)

Stead, W. T. “The Mission of the Cinematograph.” The Americanisation of the World. London: Review of Reviews, 1902: pp. 174-82.
excerpt of essay
William McKinley (photographs); Pan-American Exposition (photographs); McKinley assassination (news coverage: photographs).
Named persons
William McKinley.
From cover: The Review of Reviews Annual, 1902.

From title page: The Americanisation of the World; or, The Trend of the Twentieth Century.


The Mission of the Cinematograph [excerpt]

     An American cinematograph company was fortunate enough to have had its instrument in position to have photographed Mr. McKinley at Buffalo immediately before his assassination, and to have photographed the distracted crowd as it rushed tumultuously hither and thither on receiving the terrible news of the President’s murder.



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