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Source: Life and Character of Edward Oliver Wolcott
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “Mr. Wolcott’s Friendships”
Author(s): Dawson, Thomas Fulton
Volume number: 1
Publisher: Knickerbocker Press
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1911
Pagination: 530-44 (excerpt below includes only page 536)

Dawson, Thomas Fulton. “Mr. Wolcott’s Friendships.” Life and Character of Edward Oliver Wolcott. Vol. 1. New York: Knickerbocker Press, 1911: pp. 530-44.
excerpt of chapter
Edward Oliver Wolcott (public statements); William McKinley (death: personal response); Edward Oliver Wolcott; William McKinley (personal character); William McKinley (death: international response); William McKinley (mourning).
Named persons
William McKinley; Edward Oliver Wolcott.
From title page: Life and Character of Edward Oliver Wolcott, Late a Senator of the United States from the State of Colorado.

From title page: For Private Circulation.


Mr. Wolcott’s Friendships [excerpt]

     When, in 1901, McKinley succumbed to the wound inflicted by an irresponsible assassin’s bullet, Mr. Wolcott said in an interview:

     The tragic death of President McKinley is too recent, and my feeling of personal grief too great, for me to care at this time to dwell upon it. He was the one man in this country against whom no breast could harbor malice; and his probity and rectitude of purpose and nobility of character will serve as an example to young American manhood for all time. I was abroad at the time of his assassination, and, notwithstanding the jealousies and apprehension which our commercial supremacy has aroused, it was touching to an American to witness how all Europe shared our grief and sympathized in our loss.



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