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Source: The Life of Little Justin Hulburd
Source type: book
Document type: letter
Document title: none
Author(s): Cary, Alice
Compiler(s): Hulburd, E. W.
Volume number: 2
Publisher: none given
Place of publication: Descanso, California
Year of publication: 1909
Pagination: 281-86 (excerpt below includes only page 283)

Cary, Alice. [untitled]. The Life of Little Justin Hulburd. Comp. E. W. Hulburd. Vol. 2. Descanso: [n.p.], 1909: pp. 281-86.
excerpt of letter
Alice Cary (correspondence); McKinley assassination (personal response); Leon Czolgosz; William McKinley.
Named persons
William McKinley.
The letter (excerpted below) appears in chapter 25 (“Alice Cary”) and is dated 17 October 1901.

From title page: The Life of Little Justin Hulburd, Medium, Actor and Poet; Who Was During Forty Years One of the Greatest Attractions Upon the Dramatic Stage, and Who Served His Adopted Country During the Civil War as President Lincoln’s Private Spy. Given Through His Mediumship by Prominent People of That Time Who Knew Him Intimately, Relating Many Exciting Experiences.

From title page: Compiled by His Cousin, E. W. Hulburd.


[untitled] [excerpt]

     My generous male friend, do you think there is a blush located somewhere in the souls of men that would mantle their cheek with shame for the manner in which they have treated the mothers of the human race? Oh sir, it was a glorious day when those little, tiny raps knocked at the door of bondage, giving women the full understanding of freedom and equality. On the spirit side of life we women are building up a condition through which we will march and take possession of the highest seat in our glorious nation. Look, sir, at your late lamented President who was cut down in the vigor of his manhood by the assassin’s bullet—the bullet of a low, ignorant cur whose mind was deluded by ignorance, disgrace and shame. He was fed by the flaunting thought of those beastly flesh eaters whose whole life is sloth and a curse to the human race; whose body has been built up by the flesh of swine, known as the lowest animal to the human race. What could you expect from a man of people constantly fed on hogs’ brains, and yet many of our college bred individuals claim you cannot be strong without you eat and drink the flesh and blood of diseased animals. They are fit individuals to sing the hymn, “Washed in Jesus’ Blood.” The man who composed that hymn was a low specimen of human christianity. And so it is, my friend, that such noble men as William McKinley should be cut down by the hand of an assassin who was a low swine eater. William McKinley had a soul who loved to see women grow and progress and mount to the highest part of civilization; he would protect their honor and virtue with his life; his was a spiritual soul, working for the benefit of his fellow men and women, but alas, he had to be cut off from this noble life in which he was an example to our nation.
     Through the passing of his spirit out of that body into spiritual conditions in life he will now manifest a perfect manhood that will wake up your nation and teach them a lesson. Through their ignorance they had not the perfect thought. It will only be realized when man and women stand equal in all things, and through this equality they will give the coming strength to your sons and daughters of free America.



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