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Source: Memorial Life of William McKinley
Source type: book
Document type: ground plan
Document title: “Ground Plan of the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo”
Image size (in source, approx. h x w): 17.8cm x 10.3cm
Author(s): Carrere and Hastings, Architects [ground plan]; Townsend, G. W. [book]
Publisher: none given
Place of publication: none given
Year of publication: 1901
Pagination: 191

“Ground Plan of the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo.” Memorial Life of William McKinley. By G. W. Townsend. [n.p.]: [n.p.], 1901: p. 191.
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Pan-American Exposition (ground plans).
Named persons
Title herein taken from caption.

From ground plan (bottom left corner): Ground Plan for the Pan-American Exposition, To Be Held at Buffalo New York in the Year 1901.

From ground plan (bottom left corner): Grounds and Landscape Work, Carrere & Hastings, Architects.

Text of key from top right corner:
A. Main Entrance on Lincoln Parkway.
B. Lake.
C. North Bay.
D. Approach.
E. Forecourt.
F. Music Gardens.
G. Bridge.
H. Foreign & State B’ldg’s.
I. Mirror Lakes.
J. Canal.
K. Esplanade.
L. Fountains.
M. Colonnades.
N. Pergolas.
O. Stadium.
P. Cascades.
Q. Court of the Fountains.
R. Flower Displays.
S. Monumental Trees.
T. Court of Lilies.
TT. Court of Cypresses.
U. Propylaea.
V. Entrance to Midway.
W. The Mall.
X. Grand Basin.
Y. Plaza.
Z. Entrance to Stadium.
A-2. Power House.
B-2. Fire House.
C-2. Water Gate.
D-2. Meadow Gate.
E-2. Restaurant & Boat House.
F-2. Board of Woman M’g’rs.
G-2. Elmwood Gate.
H-2. W. Amherst Gate.
I-2. E. Amherst Gate.
J-2. Niagara Falls Ry.
K-2. Lockport Ry.
L-2. Ordnance Exhibit.
M-2. Dairy B’ld’g.
N-2. U.S. Gov’t. Life Saving Exhibit.
Text of key from bottom left corner (“Exposition Buildings”):
1 Site of Albright Gallery.
2 U. S. Government.
3 Ethnology.
4 Temple of Music.
5 Forestry and Mines.
6 Graphic Arts.
7 Horticulture.
8 Railway Exhibit.
9 New York State.
10 Manufactures and Liberal Arts.
11 Machinery and Transportation.
12 Agriculture.
13 Electricity.
14 Electric Tower and Fountain.
15 Restaurants.
16 Railroad Station.
17 Service.
18 Livestock Barns.
From title page: Memorial Life of William McKinley, Our Martyred President: As a Man, the Noblest and Purest of His Times; As a Citizen, the Grandest of His Nation; As a Statesman, the Idol of Millions of People: Containing a Full Account of His Early Life; His Ambition to Obtain an Education; His Brilliant Career as a Soldier in the Civil War; His Patriotic Record as a Member of Congress and Governor of His State; His Able Administration as President, Etc.; Including a Thrilling Account of His Assassination; His Heroic Struggle for Life; Hope of Recovery Suddenly Blasted; Profound Sympathy and Anxious Suspense of the Whole Civilized World, Etc.; Together with a Full History of Anarchy and Its Infamous Deeds; Including the Life of President Roosevelt.

From title page: By Col. G. W. Townsend, the Well-Known Author, with an Introduction by Hon. James Rankin Young, Member of Congress and Formerly Clerk of the United States Senate.

From title page: Profusely Embellished with Superb Engravings.

Image retrieved from hard copy original.


Ground Plan of the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo

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